All You Need To Know About Online Video Player

Rocks Video Player is one of the most anticipated and widely used 4K Ultra HD video player apps you can download for your Android device. We are going to explain what you can expect in this player that is best for you. It is one of the few video players that can cast your video to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast, and play high-quality video on your mobile.  

To enable multitasking, it features a floating window. It means you don’t have to stop the video and close the app to do another task. You can keep watching the video in minimized size and use other apps. Ultimately, it is a great time saver. This video player also comes with various features like gesture controls, subtitle, dual audio, and colour schemes. This video player has a user-friendly interface which makes it stand out over other apps of its kind. You can easily organize the gallery with thumbnail view, list view, folder view, and grid view. You can easily access your favourite content with one tap. 

Rocks Video Player also supports all of the widely used and standard video playback formats like MP4, MOV, WebM, MKV, Xvid, WMV, XVID, ASF, and FLV formats. You don’t have to convert video formats before watching. You can have a smooth video watching experience as you can easily stream ultra HD content on a smartphone. With hardware-acceleration, it also saves the battery life of your smartphone. You can enjoy your favorite content for several hours without having to charge your phone. 

All video codecs can be played by this video player like HEVC, H.264, VP9, MPEG4, MPEG2 and VP8. Rocks Media Player comes with a lot of unique features. It is the video player you must have on your Android device.

Do you really need an equalizer in a media player? 
Equalizers are very important when it comes to improving sound quality on videos and music. But this feature is missing in most video players. Rocks Player is one of the best video players with an equalizer. There are reasons why you need an equalizer on the video player.

The overall functionality of a video player depends on its developer. But you can change the default settings with an equalizer. It gives you added flexibility. You may not like to enjoy music in default settings. You may want to listen to music while commuting or doing a workout in a gym where ambient noise is high, and room size can affect your experience and music clarity. This way, EQ can be the best choice. 

The music you also enjoy matters. You can enjoy your favourite tracks in natural sounds or change its settings. You may want to cover flaws in some compression formats when playing digital music, and it can also drastically impact audio clarity. But you can enhance the overall experience with an equalizer with these variables. You can mellow out the narrator’s voice and pull off the shimmer covered by a vocal track. 

You can also tone down the bass if you are using headphones which already have a heavy bass. If you enjoy EDM music regularly, treble must be too sharp, and you have to pull it back. You can get more bass or punch when you need a warmer sound. This way, the equalizer can tweak the sound and make changes for you.

Now that you know the capabilities of the equalizer, you can play your own music by making tweaks. You can turn up the equalizer, play some music, and get the sliders up/down and see the difference for yourself. Even small changes can bring significant effects on audio quality. Ask any sound engineer, and they will tell you the difference in frequency. Your track may feel muddled when you expend frequencies. Make a bit of change and cut down on annoying sounds. Sometimes, you may want to keep the frequencies down. Making changes to EQ settings will also interact with other frequencies and affect the frequency range.

Bottom Line 
With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have come a long way. These days, mobile technology allows a user to perform different tasks that they can do with their PC. Android smartphones have really evolved. Mobile devices also have their apps and operating system, just like on a computer. With all such incredible features, Android devices have a default video player. But it has limited features and functionality. You can get the best experience of watching sports, movies, and videos in Rocks Player. It comes with advanced technology and smart features to enhance your viewing experience. 
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