How to Download Subtitles and Use them on Rocks Player?

Do you watch videos in English and other languages? You may surely use subtitles to understand the dialogues. But many people have no idea how to download subtitles and use them on Android. Rocks Video Player is the best media player with subtitle support.  This guide will help you about working with subtitles on Rocks Player. 

This guide has been divided into various sections to provide added convenience. But before doing that, we suggest you download the latest version and update Rocks Player if you already have it on your device. We also have Rocks Video Player Pro apk and Rocks Video Player apk if you don’t have one. 

1. Open a Movie Subtitle 

First of all, you should download a subtitle file on your mobile. If you already have one stored on your PC, you need to move it to your mobile. Open the video on your phone with Rocks Video Player. Tap on the screen to open other options. Tap on the 3-dots at the right side of the screen to unlock more features.

Tap on the “Subtitle” option. Select “Open” to find the subtitle file. You can put the subtitle file to the same video directory with the same name to automatically watch the video with subtitles. 

2. Download Subtitles Online 

You can also download subtitles online if you don’t have one on your PC or mobile. There are so many websites where you can download subtitles. But we don’t suggest any random website or app to download subtitles because they may not be safe. Here are the steps to search for subtitles using Rocks Player – 

Launch the app.

Tap on the navigation menu (3-dots button) 

Tap on Subtitle and select “Online Subtitles” 

Now tap on “Search” 

It will show you a pop-up with a checkbox. Turn on to search for subtitles on a text box at You can find a few of the subtitle files that can match with your video. 


3. Adjust Subtitles on Rocks Player 

Sometimes, we don’t get the right files to sync texts with videos. It is so annoying to comprehend the dialogues. In that case, you can manually sync the subtitle with video. You can control the speed of displaying subtitles on the screen to get the best result by going to the Subtitle menu. 

You can also change the text position. All you need to tap the subtitle and drag it to the right place. You can also change the colour, shadow and font of the subtitles. Go to Subtitle > Settings by tapping on the 3-dot menu. 

Bottom Line

You can easily display and configure subtitles with Rocks Video Player. We hope you liked the above guide and the information would help you. You can also download subtitles using the browser if you are having a problem with the UI of the video player. There are plenty of websites you can find to download subtitles. You won’t have any issue because Rocks Player supports a lot of subtitle formats.


Feel free to ask if you have any trouble downloading subtitles using Rocks Video Player and leave your feedback on the comment section below. We will be more than happy to serve you. If you liked this article, remember to share with your friends.  

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