How to Save Time by Watching Videos at Higher Playback Speeds?

If you are working from home during this lockdown situation due to COVID-19, chances are you might be watching videos in your empty time. The problem arises when you have to watch so many videos but you don’t have much time. The best way to do this is to boost playback speed. This process is also known as “Speed Watching”. 

So what is “Speed Watching” is?

In simple words, it is the process of watching videos with faster speeds of playback than normal. A lot of apps like Rocks Player support this feature. You can simply choose your own playback speed with one touch. A simple example of doing this is watching a video with 2x speed to play any video twice as fast as 1x, which is normal speed. At the end, you can save yourself half of your playback time. 

This is the best thing about playing videos with faster playback. You can finish a 10-minute long video in just 5 minutes. If you wish, you could watch another video of the same length in the next five minutes. Initially, 5 minutes seem nothing but it can add up eventually to an hour or so while watching several videos. Watching 2x videos can save plenty of time. 

Some videos really waste your time
If a video is not worth your focus already, it is always better to watch it on 2x speed and finish it as soon as possible. You may have also noticed that some videos are really not worth watching full after spending 2 to 3 minutes on them. You can switch the speed to normal speed if you find something you can relate to or find interesting. 

Can you understand a video with that much speed? 
Now here’s the catch. Sometimes the words go out so quickly that you may no longer be able to comprehend. You might end up lowering down to 1.2x or just go back to watch some parts again that slipped off for the first time. It ultimately wastes time.  
The key here is to grab progression at first. For example, you could raise the speed a little bit to 1.2x and then build up. Once you watch all the videos at 1.2x, you will notice the time you’ve saved on day 1 without losing any single word at all. 
As you progress through higher speeds, it could be easier for you to understand. There are many people who speed watch all of their videos for years at 2x without losing any comprehension. They are so comfortable that 2x is a new normal for them. 
At least you can save up to 20% of time while watching one video. There is nothing wrong in speed watching if you could save up some time while binge watching your favorite movies, vlogs, TV shows, TED Talks, or any educational video. 
But it doesn’t mean you should watch every video at faster playback speed. If you are watching just a vlog or if any YouTuber or speaker is too slow, you can normally get your video to 1.5x or 2x to catch up the words while saving time. 

There are some exceptions, though
There is also no point in using this trick in some videos like how-to videos and tutorials. Such types of videos should be watched at 1x or normal playback speed because you may not want to lose any important detail for saving time. You can switch the speed forward and back for a number of times you like though. It also doesn’t work for movies and web shows because such contents are meant to be watched. 

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