What is the Best Floating Video Player App in 2021?

Floating apps are relatively new but a great concept and one of the exceptional examples of technological advancements. It has made the lives of Android users more manageable in terms of multitasking. The calculator was one of the earliest apps which were well designed and easy to use. No matter what you do, it can stay active on the corner. Several other apps have adopted this concept, and you can find a lot of video players for Android that comes with this feature. 

But the catch is that most of the video player apps are not free with this feature. Rocks Player is the best choice for entertainment for Android to play ultra HD videos in a floating window. You can play the videos stored on your device through various resizable floating windows. 

Rocks Player is one of the best video player apps with remarkable features. It has a sensor to help you sync audio with video playback accurately. It also allows you to download videos from several video streaming platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and DailyMotion. It also provides a password-protected folder to lock your private videos. It also supports video formats that you can’t think about watching on mobile. It is a professional video player that comes with a floating window. 

Why do you need a Floating Window in a Video Player? 

The floating window allows you to do your regular tasks while watching videos, such as checking out Facebook, chatting with someone, or browsing the web. You can lower down the player and keep it floating around other apps. You can also resize the player while using Facebook and playing games. It gives you the real benefits of multitasking. You don’t have to stop your video for performing other tasks. You can move your video and resize it to any screen area. 

Using Floating Window on Video Player All Format
When choosing a video player, make sure it has a floating window option to activate this feature and make full use of it. You may not find this feature on all of the video player apps listed on the Google Play store. But Rocks Player is the best choice because this video player supports all formats and codecs, including 4K videos. 

Install this ASD Dev video player and play your online content or stored video. It allows you to float the video on any app. 

All you need to tap on the navigation menu on the launch screen and choose “close and open in PiP mode.” The video will be resized automatically. You can quickly move the video to any corner of the screen. You can also tap the “back button” on the device's bottom, and the video can automatically float on the app. 

It is one of the best media players to allow multitasking on your device. It enables the users to use several apps as it floats the video above the apps. 

Other Features 

You can easily control volume, playback speed, brightness, and reverse/forward with smooth gestures. It enables a lot of features on your fingertips. You can control volume when you swipe up and down on the left side and brightness when you swipe up and down on the right panel. You can swipe left/right to forward/reverse the video. This way, you can watch any part if you missed it again and skip the part you already watched. 

Subtitle Support 
You can search and download the movie or web series in various languages without subtitles. There is no guesswork needed. 

Dual Audio 
With the use of Rocks Player, you can easily sync video with its respective audio language. You can watch your video in your desired language. You can also speed up and slow the audio down to sync with the video accurately. 

All formats for playback
It is the best part of this video player. Rocks Player supports all of the famous and standard formats like AVI, MKV, MP4, MP4V, WMV, WAV, DAV, TS, MPG, and MPEG. You can also watch and download 4K videos

In-build music player 
This video player app features an in-built music player. So, you don’t have to download a separate music player to listen to your favorite songs. You can easily manage the recent playlist, genre, artist, albums. It also allows you to create your playlist to enjoy your favorite tracks without having to search around. It comes with all the necessary features and supports various formats like MP4, MP3, and others. All in all, you can enjoy all of the features in this app, like music, videos, and trending albums online. 

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