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With the advancement of technology, the concept of ‘floating apps’ has brought a lot of change by helping Android users to get the real benefits of multitasking in their powerful devices.

One of the oldest examples of this concept was a calculator app which was very simple and well-designed. It remains active on any screen you go to. Over time, the ‘floating’ concept of apps has been found in several app categories and there are so many floating video players available in the Google Play store.

With these floating players, the catch is that they are available with heavy price tags. But it is not the case with Rocks Video Player, an Ultra HD video player and streaming app for Android to play several YouTube and local videos through different movable and resizable floating windows.

What is Floating Video Player?

With floating window, you can enjoy watching your videos while browsing the web or checking out your Facebook. It means you can shrink down the video player and float it around other apps you are working on. There is also option to resize the video player and play your games like Angry Birds or run Facebook. The best thing is that you can get the true essence of multitasking on your Android phone.

You can continue watching your favorite content on any corner of a big screen while checking out your Facebook profile on another side. You can even pause the video, move it, and resize it to any area of the screen.

How to Turn On Floating Window on Rocks Player?

In order to turn on this feature, be sure to get an idea about the app offering floating window option. There are many amazing video player apps which lack floating video feature on Android. But you don’t have to worry if you are using Rocks Player. You can easily download and install it on any device having a big screen for multitasking.

Now you can install Rocks Player, an ultra HD video player which supports up to 4K videos and can also play music. It is an ASD Dev video player for all formats. After installing Rocks Player, launch the app and play any of your stored video or online content. Now you can easily float your video on any app on your device.

To do that, tap on the 3 vertical lines on the home screen while video is being played. Select the option “Close and open the video in pip mode”. It will automatically resize the video and you can drag and drop the video anywhere on the screen. On the bottom of your device, tap the back button and run any apps and keep the video floating over the app.

All in all, it is a great example of doing multiple tasks on your Android phone. You can enjoy multiple apps at the same time. This video player floats on the top of any of your apps.

What Else Rocks Player Can Do for You?

Rocks Video Player is more than just a traditional video player for Android. It is an ultra HD video player which comes with a lot of unique features. You can also download subtitles using it. You can easily download music and videos from sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube

Smooth Gesture Controls

Rocks Video Player, Full HD Video Player, Free Xvideo Player

This video player for Android has smooth gesture control for Brightness, Volume, Forward and Playback speed with just one tap. This way, you don’t have to use physical buttons on your device to control brightness and volume while playing video.


Rocks Video Player, Full HD Video Player, Free Xvideo Player

If your favorite video is available in other language, you can easily search and download subtitles to understand it well.

Dual Audio

You can easily sync audio with the playing video and it also allows you to play video in your favorite audio format.

Wrapping up

Rocks Player comes with different features in a single app for your entertainment. It supports several video and audio formats for smooth playback.

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