8 Advanced Features of Online Video Player

These days, there are so many media sources available, and so are the modes of consuming content. You may have a massive collection of video and soundtracks in HD formats, but many people don’t have easy access to such content. We have scattered our content over so many devices like PC, smartphones, external drive, and even cloud. 

To manage all offline and online videos, we need a smart media player which can gather, organize and play media on the go. Rocks Player is one of the best examples of fast and user-friendly media players. It has advanced features like Playback speed, subtitle support, dual audio, gesture control, and so on, and provides a better experience in watching videos and movies.

Here are some of its best features 

1. Gesture Control

Rocks Player comes with a slew of gesture control features to enhance your viewing experience. Swipe up/down on the left panel to adjust the screen brightness and swipe up/down to adjust the volume of the video. You can change the playback speed by swiping up/down with two fingers or seek through the video by swiping left/right with one finger. In video playback, these gesture control features come in handy. 

2. Subtitle Support 

Sometimes, your favourite movie or series is not dubbed in your language. This way, subtitles come in handy. Sometimes, the audio of the video is not loud enough. No matter what the problem is, you can effortlessly search subtitles online or on local storage and add the same to your video playback. Basically, Rocks Player adds subtitles by default if they are available with a video file. 

3. Video Player All Format 

There is no single format that Rocks Player cannot play. You may have a stock video player in your Android device, but it supports only a limited number of formats like WebM, MPEG-4, and 3GPP formats. On the other side, Rocks Player supports various other formats like MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, 4K, 8K and even more. This video player supports full HD in a device with SD card Class 6 or above and decent hardware. 

This video player also supports software and hardware decoders to save battery life and makes videos loading quickly. Software decoding helps in supporting some formats that hardware doesn’t support. It will enhance video quality. 

4. Music Player 

There are so many online music players available to listen to your favorite tracks online. But sometimes, you want to save your mobile data, and you may not have internet connectivity in some areas. This way, Rocks Player allows you to download music in your library and enjoy later. It has a lot of options to manage your soundtracks, such as create a playlist, manage and search tracks by albums, artists, genres, etc., and recent playlists. 

5. Stream videos online 

Rocks Player also serves as a streaming platform where you can search the latest videos and play online trending videos as per your needs. There are different categories available, like news, sports, tech, comedy, etc. Sometimes you want to check out what’s trending to find something new. Rocks Player really helps you to find something different. 

6. Dual Audio 

If you’ve got a film or series in dual audio, Rocks Player can get you covered. You can also sync audio and video for better viewing experience. This media player allows you to enjoy your video content in your language. 

7. Theme Customization 

Set your mood with gradient theme colors on your video player. You can choose Light or Dark themes as you like. If you want to relieve eye strain, dark mode can really be helpful. When Android 10 supports system-wide dark mode, you can also set this Player’s theme by system default. The dark theme can also improve the battery life of your device by saving up to 15% of power consumption on screen. 

8. PiP Mode

Picture-in-Picture or PiP mode allows Rocks Player to continue your video in a small window while using other apps or browsing content. It can be pinned at any corner of your screen. It is a kind of multi-window mode which is very helpful. For example, if you get a Messenger popup or WhatsApp text, you can reply to it without having to stop your video. 

Bottom Line 
Rocks Player has plenty of smart and helpful features to make the best use of video watching experience. We hope you liked the above features. Download Rocks Player now and start enjoying your favorite videos and music. There are so many video players for Android, but Rocks Player has some advanced features to make it stand out. 

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