How to do best use of an Online Video Player?

Gone are the days when we used to rely on Wikipedia and Google for information. These days, online videos are a new source of information. To stream videos online and offline, we need the best online video player. You cannot find everything on YouTube channels. This is why video players are made for Android. If you are looking for the best video player app for Android, Rocks Player is known to be the best choice. 

This app has come a long way to meet people's expectations, and you can enjoy videos of all formats. Rocks Player is one of the most trusted and secured apps for online and offline video playback. You can also enjoy your favorite music without annoying ads. You also don't need any subscription to enjoy your favorite content on this app. 

How to make the most of Online Video Players? 

You can play online videos without worrying about codec or format. You can enjoy videos in full HD on your device. You can also search for the videos which are most trending on social media. You can easily share the music or videos, and you can have the privilege to store your private videos in a locked folder. You may not find this benefit in any other app. 

You can enjoy HD videos of your choice, and they will amaze you. You can also save your content to watch offline if you are going where you won't find network connectivity. The option to watch later is one of the best things about this video player. You can save your favorite music or videos for later use.

Key Features of Best Video Player 
This video player has been the best above other video player apps and is one of the top-rated apps on app stores. All the bugs have been fixed with the recent update of this app, and you can quickly discover the best quality videos and get a phenomenal viewing experience. Other video players allow watching videos on the device. But you can save, manage, and customize the videos while watching them with this app. Here are some of the critical features of this app – 

Sort videos you might like – When you browse your videos through Rocks Player, you can find videos suggested as per your preferences based on comments, rating, and even trending ones. By default, the videos are sort based on the launch date and timeline. It won't miss anything which has been trending or just launched on the web. 
Child Mode – This app also helps you choose the right videos for your children and prevent them from illicit or adult content with child mode. This feature allows parents who are worried about what their kids are watching on their phones. You can quickly turn on the child mode and lock some videos or channels their kids can watch. It is the best feature of this video player. A lot of other apps don't have this feature. 
Subtitle support – You don't have to search for subtitles on the web if you want to watch videos of regional languages that you don't know. This video player can search for subtitles. The provision of subtitles has come as a positive part of this video player. 
Auto sensor – This HD video player also comes with an auto sensor that automatically detects your device's position and adjusts the portrait or landscape view. You don't have to manually switch the modes as this app can do it on its own.

Watching Videos from URL
It is one of the most anticipated parts of a video player. Rocks Player also allows users to watch videos straight off the website. There are only a few apps that provide HD videos, and Rocks Player is one of them. This media player is designed with advanced technology. It offers various features that can attract users from different parts of the world. Many users have been very satisfied using this player after downloading it and positively reviewing it on the Google Play store. 

It shows all the trending videos about different topics. It is the pro video player that gives the feel of using a website. You can also sort through individual playlists. You can also double-tap to play or pause the video. This video player also allows you to watch videos while using other apps through picture-in-picture mode

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