Best Video Player to Hide Videos on Android

If you want added protection and are not satisfied with your Android smartphone's default features, Rocks Player can also serve this purpose. Besides enjoying your favorite content, you can also hide your private videos and encrypt them so no one can access them. You can keep all your personal videos in a safe vault and encrypt all your files. This way, no one will be able to detect your private files. 

Rocks Player also has a very interactive and attractive interface. This way, you can easily access all your hidden media with a secured PIN or password. You can access all of its unique features with added privacy protection.  Along with protecting your videos and photos, you can also enjoy private browsing in the app. This way, you can access any content on the web without letting anyone else know what you have been watching.  

Best Online Video Player for Privacy 

Our life revolves around our smartphones these days, and we also cannot think about living without them. We capture a lot of videos and photos in our daily lives. But there are some videos we don't want anyone to see.  There is always a risk of getting your phone used by someone else, or you have to pass it to your friend without knowing what they will do. There is nothing to worry about if you are an Android user, as you can find a lot of apps to keep your videos and media hidden. But all of them are not secure and something you can trust. 

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Data Private?
We all want to create a dedicated space where we can keep our private photos and videos hidden from friends and other users' prying eyes. You may want to create a specific folder to store all your sensitive data and keep it hidden or locked by password or biometric lock. It is beneficial for parents who don't want their kids to access all their phones and lock specific apps on their phones. It is useful to hand your device to a playful friend who is always in a pranks' mood. 

Default Settings and Apps on Android Devices to Hide Videos and Photos 
You can find many apps on Google Play to lock and hide videos and photos with many unique functions and features. Later on, smartphone makers started using those features with their operating system. They want their users to refrain from using third-party apps. Several smartphone makers use their specific Android skins on their devices like MIUI, OneUI, ColorOS, and OxygenOS.  

Samsung's OneUI has an encrypted space named "Secure Folder," where all your files, videos, and photos can be stored. It protects data with the Knox security platform, which is based on Samsung's hardware. So, you can rest assured to get top-notch protection for your data. 
To use this feature, go to "Settings > Biometrics and Security > Secure Folder," set up your PIN, and check out other options. You can choose the photos and videos from the Samsung Gallery app and save them to Secure Folder. 

Realme also comes with a "Private Safe" option like Samsung as part of its ColorOS skin. To enable this feature, you can go to "Settings > Security > Private Safe." Now you can easily lock your private videos and pictures to this folder. You can use it from your launcher or home screen.

Xiaomi's MIUI also has a "File Manager" app to hide your videos and pictures. It is a default private folder. All you need to tap on the "3-dot" and choose "Hide" after selecting your files. You can set up a password or PIN that can be used to access them from the Hidden File section. 

OnePlus's OxygenOS also comes with its default "File Manager" to enable "Lockbox." You can choose your password and move your private videos and files to Lockbox. But remember that it lacks the encryption that smartphones from Samsung have. 

Bottom Line 

If you are worried about your content's privacy on your Android smartphone, we are sure you will like Rocks Player. The best app will keep you assured that your private data is safe and secured from unauthorized access. Besides, it can also serve to watch your favorite content in 4K and ultra HD. Once you download Rocks Player, you won’t have to download separate apps for entertainment and privacy purposes. It is designed by considering all of its users’ needs.

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