Which is the Best Media Player with Equalizer?

Equalizers play a very vital role to get better sound quality on music and videos but most video players don’t have equalizers. We can help you choose the best video player for android. But do you know why you should use an equalizer? Let's find out.

Why do you need an equalizer?

Different developers have different ideas on how a music player should work but equalizer gives you freedom to tweak its settings. We also don’t always enjoy music in ideal settings. We usually listen to music while exercising or commuting where ambient noise or shape of room can have adverse effects on your listening experience. The ambient noise and shape of the room can also affect music clarity. In that case, an EQ or Equalizer comes to the rescue.  

The music you are enjoying also plays its part. Natural sounds of track respond to different levels of equalizer in their own way. But when you play digital music, you need to cover imperfection in certain compression formats which can affect the audio quality. An equalizer plays a very vital role with these variables for a listener. You can easily pull out the shimmer of cymbals which are drowned by a huge vocal track or it can also mellow out the voice of the narrator in the audio book. 

You may have headphones with heavy bass. This way, you may want to tone down. You may also listen to EDM frequently but the treble should be pulled back or is too sharp. Whether you want a warmer sound, you need more punch or bass which will rattle the insides, an equalizer can help dial in the sound which is best suited for you. 

Now that you know what an equalizer can do, why don’t you start making tweaks and playing around? Play some music you know, turn up the EQ and slide the sliders up and down to hear what you have learned. You will realize that small changes can have a drastic effect on how music sounds.  You can ask any sound engineer and he will tell you that you need to reduce the level of frequency instead of increasing others with it. 

If you expand a lot of frequencies, music may sound muddled. You can reduce the irksome sound by making a little shift and get closer to what you want. It goes without saying that you may not want to increase the range of frequency sometimes. But you may want to start with subtraction. Also keep in mind that any change in equalizer will not just affect the range of frequency but also the interaction of rest of frequency with one another. 

Choosing the best Media Player with Equalizer

Rocks Video Player is the best 4K media player for Android. What is best in this player is something we are going to share with you. It is probably the only media player that can play high quality video and cast to ChromeCast and Amazon FireTV. You can also cast video to Apple TV. 

It comes with a floating window feature in order to multitask. It means video players can continue playing the video in reduced size of screen as per your needs and in the background so you can open other apps and use them. In the end, it saves plenty of time. 

It comes with several color themes, gesture controls and subtitle support. The user interface of this video player makes it stand out from other video players out there. In its video gallery, the thumbnail view makes it very convenient to organize the gallery as folder view, list view or grid view. This way, it is very easy to access video. 

Rocks Video Player supports all popular and widely used video formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, WebM, Xvid, AVI, XVID, WMV, TS, FLV and ASF formats. There is no need to waste time to convert file formats. The video watching experience is buttery smooth as it supports 4K ultra HD content also on smart devices. It saves battery with hardware acceleration and it ensures viewing for several hours. This video player supports all video codecs like H.264, HEVC, VP9, MPEG 2, MPEG 4 and VP8. There are so many features you would know when you use Rocks Media Player. All in all, it is a must have video player for your Android smartphone and tablet. 

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