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Who doesn’t hate default media players? Of course, there are many reasons you should rely on third-party media players, such as added functionality, support for multiple formats, picture-in-picture mode, background music playback, and much more. 

Remember the golden days of MP4 and 3GP videos? We have had to use third-party converters and wait for several hours to convert the videos to low-end formats so we can play them on our devices. These days, video players are designed with the capability to support almost all video formats. They also provide better mobile viewing experience with smooth gesture controls. Some apps have inbuilt video players but they have limited functionality.

Best 5 Media Player for Android Device

  1. Rocks Player
  2. MX Player
  3. VLC for Android
  4. Kodi
  5. KMPlayer

Even some smartphones come with built-in video players but they are nothing but bloatware. Even though you can play and edit videos through Google Photos, you should still choose the best video players for your Android device. So, keep reading to know more –

1)    Rocks Player

It is known to be the best ultra-HD video player for Android. It comes with smooth gesture controls for brightness, volume, forward, backward and playback speed. A major highlight in this player is its picture-in-picture mode. You don’t have to stop your movie while texting over WhatsApp or any other messenger. You can even watch online trending videos along with stored music, pictures and videos using this player. It supports all video formats. So, you don’t have to worry while downloading your favorite content.

Download it from Play Store Here

2)    MX Player

It goes without saying why we have added MX Player in this list. If you have MX Player, you don’t need anything else on your device. It has huge range of swipe controls like fast forward, pinch to zoom, volume and rewind. It runs up to 70% faster than other players with multi-core decoding. Throw any video format at it and MX Player will handle the rest. Now watch MX Originals, movies, web shows and other content for free in its Online section. It has recently added a new feature to share your offline videos between different devices without even using the internet.

Download it from Play Store Here

3)    VLC for Android

If you just want pure ad-free entertainment by playing audio and video files stored on your device in different formats, VLC for Android is the best choice. It is a cross-platform, open-source video player that supports media library organization and network streaming.

This video player features gesture controls to change brightness and increase and decrease the volume. It can even play videos with full screen. It also supports subtitles, dual audio and has a 5-band equalizer. It is completely free with no in-app purchases and no ads.

Download it from Play Store Here

4)    Kodi

You may definitely have heard of Kodi. It is a world-class home theater app designed for all platforms. You can download it now from the Google Play store. It is not all about video playback. It has got a very clean interface with a library that is easy to navigate. It looks truly very stunning on large tablet screens, even though it might be quite fiddly on the phone. But Kodi can handle some unique codecs. The only condition is that your device should be the latest one to render them well. This app is ad-free and doesn’t cost anything.

Download it from Play Store Here

5)    KMPlayer

KM Player comes with all the features you expect from a video player. It has subtitle support, playback speed controls, and different views to choose the content to watch. The Google Drive playback and windowed mode are some of the key highlights to make this video player stand out.

In windowed mode, you can enjoy your video in a floating view which hovers around any other app you are using. If you have a tablet, it can come handy. On the other side, you can also watch content on the cloud with Google Drive support. You don’t even have to download it on your device. It comes very handily when you don’t have ample space on your device and you want to watch a movie without having to wait for the download.

Download it from Play Store Here

Which is your favorite Video Player you are currently using?

Now that we have listed some of the best media players for Android when there are thousands to choose. If we have missed any player, do tell us which video player you are currently using and what you have liked the most.

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