Ultra HD video player, video playback app for Android

Best 4k Ultra HD Video Player for Android at Google Play

02 Oct, 2019

Rocks Video Player is the top quality Ultra HD video player for Android with amazing features. Along.... [Readmore...]

floating video player, video player, video player app

Download the Best Floating Video Player App - Rocks Player

02 Oct, 2019

With the advancement of technology, the concept of ‘floating apps’ has brought a lot of change by helping Android.... [Readmore...]

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Download Free Best Media Player for Android Device

24 Oct, 2019

Who doesn’t hate default media players? Of course, there are many reasons you should rely on third-party.... [Readmore...]

free video player, xvideoplayer

Steps to Change Default Video Player on Android

12 Nov, 2019

Most android users usually don’t like the default media player given on their Android gallery. People choose different third-party.... [Readmore...]

free android apps download, android app download, android media player

Which are the best free Android apps one must have?

08 Feb, 2020

The colossal app ecosystem is known to be the biggest strength of the Android operating system. There is a whole lot of Android apps out there. They also have billions.... [Readmore...]

media player app, hd video player for android

Are there any useful Media player apps that can stream videos from a URL?

12 Feb, 2020

Video streaming has become the next big thing these days. Many people have Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and VRV subscriptions to stream their favorite content. But.... [Readmore...]

video file formats, best mp4 video player, free x video play

Types of Video File Formats – Some Things You Didn’t Know

10 Feb, 2020

Most Popular and Common Video File Formats You Should Know About


video player android, video player download, video player app download

Choosing the Best Video Player for Android for Better Viewing Experience

15 Feb, 2020

Admit it, video players which come by default on Android devices simply don’t meet most of the demands of viewers. These default players are user.... [Readmore...]

background video player, xvideo hd player, android app

How to Hide Videos, Photos and other Media on Android?

17 Mar, 2020

In this day to day life, you just can’t escape embarrassing media. Whether you were practicing your singing on video or photos or videos which are very personal that you.... [Readmore...]

mp4 video player free download, best mp4 video player, free android apps download

Which is the Best Media Player with Equalizer?

18 Mar, 2020

Equalizers play a very vital role to get better sound quality on music and videos but most video players don’t have equalizers. We can help you choose the.... [Readmore...]

media player for android

Free Professional Video and Audio Players for Android

22 Jul, 2020

The default player that comes with your Android device might be simple but it can play a specific number of formats and also lacks basic features like Resume Viewing and.... [Readmore...]

video players for android

Best 5 Free Android Video Player Apps for All Video Formats

22 Jul, 2020

These days, you can easily find a lot of video player apps for android which offers several unique features. A lot of these media players are plug and play and.... [Readmore...]

video downloader apps, download video offline

Best Video Downloader Apps for Android in 2020

24 Jul, 2020

Before the evolution of smartphones, we used to watch our favorite movies and shows only on TV sets. These days, things have changed and you can download your favorite videos.... [Readmore...]

dual audio, subtitle search, video player

How to do Dual Audio Subtitle Search in Video Player App?

24 Jul, 2020

In this day and age, people are used to spending more time binge-watching their favorite shows, movies, and videos on offline and online video players and streaming apps. A lot.... [Readmore...]

playback speed

How to Save Time by Watching Videos at Higher Playback Speeds?

27 Jul, 2020

If you are working from home during this lockdown situation due to COVID-19, chances are you might be watching videos in your empty time. The problem arises when you have.... [Readmore...]

picture-in-picture mode

How to manage Picture-in-picture mode on Android app?

27 Jul, 2020

If you are running an Android Oreo or later version on your Android device, chances are you have used many apps which support picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. When you.... [Readmore...]

dark mode in android

Benefits of Night Mode or Dark Theme on Android

28 Jul, 2020

Lately, dark mode has been launched for a lot of widely-used apps along with dark themes for your Android smartphone. It goes without.... [Readmore...]

photo organizer apps

The Best Photo Organizer Apps in 2020

04 Aug, 2020

It becomes easier to sort and clean up snapshots by choosing the best photo organizer apps as they have inbuilt photo editors, organizer tools, cloud storage and social.... [Readmore...]

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